How we built the case for reinvestment in a declining blockbuster medicine nearing patent expiration

When our client approached us with a brand in decline due to a highly active competitor, there were conflicts about how to best respond while balancing in-market needs and the development program. Some were concerned with immediate positioning, while for others a potential shift in the treatment paradigm dominated thinking. To regain a leadership position in the market, Coactuate was asked to develop a future-oriented strategy that would meet immediate in-market needs while aligning the various work streams towards a clear North Star vision. The outcome of the strategy would either lead to reinvestment in the brand or tactical disinvestment.

Forming a shared vision

For a highly cross-functional team, establishing a shared understanding of needs and goals can be a challenge. Coactuate designed and facilitated activities to push everyone into the future, revealing a shared vision and alignment around core principles. From this point it was possible to reverse engineer shared positions across multiple work streams and overcome previous conflicts. This unlocked potential new opportunities for growth.

Horizons as a strategic framework

Our final strategy was mapped to 3 distinct time horizons, each with its own clear criteria for success and prioritized activities. This structure made it possible to focus team member roles and responsibilities, establish an immediate market position, foundational lifecycle management, and a clear development program.

Leveraging co-creation to build ownership

The co-creative process enabled all stakeholders to have the opportunity to be heard and actively contribute, overcoming debilitating internal friction and establishing ownership in a distinct value proposition. The team was aligned and had conviction on the optimal path forward.