How we helped inform a new treatment paradigm to reduce burden of disease on patients

Our clients work tirelessly to create life-changing therapies for patients suffering from debilitating diseases. For one of our clients, their mission is to improve the experience for patients on a burdensome at-home therapy. Coactuate was asked to help develop and validate holistic solutions that solve for the greatest pain points for patients and caregivers, ultimately improving care to enable patients to live their best life possible.

Patient-driven insights

There is no better way to understand the patient experience than to invite them to the table. Patients and caregivers spent a day with our client team to share their stories and the major and minor disruptions that the therapy had in their lives. Coactuate facilitated these discussions and tailored the activities to ensure patients were heard and that empathy would play a big part in the client’s decisions. Valuable patient feedback was used to inform prioritization and future company investments.

Co-creative iterations

In true co-creative style, over 35 people from cross-functional teams gathered over multiple workshops and working sessions to ideate solutions that addressed the key patient needs. By using our understanding of the patient experience as the foundation, we helped pinpoint the truly differentiated areas where innovation could transform patient outcomes.

Holistic solutions

While over 200 solutions were generated, the true value was putting the many opportunities in context and identifying how single point solutions could be interconnected into transformative system solutions. Final ideas were packaged as detailed patient narratives to give life to the solutions and help illustrate the comprehensive and nuanced impact on patients’ lives. These narratives were then brought into market research and further tested by patients and caregivers.