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We are a strategic design consultancy.

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We were founded with the belief that there’s a better way to build strategy.

Today the world is increasingly interconnected, and the challenges we face have reached a new level of complexity and uncertainty. Traditional planning approaches are insufficient to achieve holistic thinking and aligned action.

Strategic design offers useful techniques to re-think problems, propose new ideas, and transform complexity to clarity.

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our purpose

We build strategic clarity to drive growth and innovation.

We are a diverse team of strategists, designers, biomedical communicators and scientists united by our shared passion to improve the lives of others.

This is why we work with leading global healthcare and life sciences organizations seeking to transform what is possible and make a positive impact for patients around the world.

We give leaders and their organizations…

Clarity of Purpose

To build a shared vision of the future

Clarity of Direction

To set a clear path forward

Clarity of Action

To achieve the desired outcomes

Our People

Meet our leadership team

Rob Grossi

Rob Grossi, CEO

Portrait of Carl Hastrich

Carl Hastrich, Managing Director

Portrait of Joy Mabon

Joy Mabon, Managing Director

Portrait of Olivia Chin

Olivia Chin, Senior Director

Portrait of Richmond Sedcole

Richmond Sedcole, Senior Design Director

Portrait of Cassie Cetlin

Cassie Cetlin, Director

Portrait of Corey Osborne

Corey Osborne, Director

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Coactuators: Creative. Curious. Collaborative.

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