Solving complex problems requires a unique approach.

At Coactuate, this means creatively applying integrated strategic and design-thinking methodologies, hosting the big picture and the small detail at the same time, and working with our clients to co-create solutions.

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Integrated Thinking

We develop a deep understanding of context to support decision‑making.

We build empathy, market understanding and foresight to explore the architecture of a problem and its contexts, including the various systems at play.

We build a holistic and shared point of view by bringing together and orchestrating different stakeholders into the strategic design process to collectively explore possibilities and deliver human-centered solutions.

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Visualization & Storytelling

We use the power of good design to change minds.

We use visual representation to transform hard-to-grasp concepts into tangible artifacts as an iterative means of communicating and problem-solving.

We make things that look great to empower adoption, apply compelling storytelling to build empathy, and craft concise strategic narratives to create continuity and improve the understanding and durability of key ideas.

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We explore new ideas and then make them happen.

Everything we do is highly collaborative, empowering and engaging. We build co-creative experiences that encourage experimentation and facilitate alignment and ownership of ideas by key stakeholders.

We are involved over the duration of change processes, providing constant expertise and feedback to ensure the strategic intent is carried through from ideation into delivery and implementation.

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Research & Insights

We make sense of complexity, understand the problems and explore what better looks like with you.

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Strategy & Innovation

We frame the opportunity, define what’s possible and plot the path forward with you.

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We shape services, transform teams and organizations and co-create lasting change with you.

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