Country-level health system strategy

How we helped a leading healthcare system build its country-level long-term strategy


Integrated Qualitative/Quantitative Factbase  

Strategic Option Exploration

Strategic Planning

Strategic Narrative


A leading global health system had entered a new country and spent several years establishing a foundational presence. The system was ready for the next stage of growth. With an enormous range of potential opportunities to pursue, the executive team needed a clear assessment of options and alignment on the path forward. As an authentic private partner to the existing public healthcare ecosystem, the leadership team further wanted to take a collaborative approach in developing its long-term growth strategy.


Qualitative-Quantitative Factbase Development

A key first step was to establish a methodical understanding of the country’s public and private healthcare systems and areas of opportunity. We conducted desk research to map demographics, political trends, and to assess dozens of different disease areas. We further performed an economic teardown of the company’s operations to understand areas of strength, scale and opportunity.

Creative Exploration with Partners

The client’s executive team was intent on both listening and being a partner to other players in the healthcare system during the strategic planning program. This was achieved through deep qualitative exploration with existing and past patients, employees (including healthcare providers), current external partners, and a range of potential future partners. In each exploration, we sought to understand needs and perspectives, enablers and barriers to current success. We also presented “provocations”, representing a range of future services or offerings, and explored perceptions and requirements for them to be successful.

Strategic Opportunity Assessment & Prioritization

Through a series of strategic planning working sessions, we combined all the relevant insights and critically assessed a wide range of paths forward, ultimately prioritizing 5 areas for future growth – each with its own complete business case.

Strategic Narrative

Following endorsement from the Board, a strategic narrative was developed for use both internally with employees (to explain the future path forward), and with current and potential future external partners. This provided a clear articulation of the healthcare system’s strategic intent, and allowed them to more easily engage with others for acquisitions and strategic partnerships.

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Endorsed Long-Term Strategy

The country-level strategic plan was endorsed, with additional funding secured to enable growth in new areas.

Executive Team Alignment

Most importantly, the client’s executive team had complete understanding and ownership of the strategic direction, and were energized and passionate to implement with focus.

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