How we reframed a mature $1Bn+ brand into a “moonshot” program for ambitious growth

Building the case for growth; reinvigorating a team


Co-creative Advice Seeking

Strategic Foresight

Tactical Planning


When our client approached us, they were at a crossroads regarding their role and decision to continue investing in their well-established brand. Internal investment was in decline, but with significant unmet need there was frustration regarding how best to support patients getting care. New non-pharmaceutical treatment options were intensifying competitive pressure, but were not clinically viable for a large portion of patients. Coactuate was asked to help build a vision of what the future treatment paradigm might look like, what level of opportunity might exist, and whether there was any ability to change the anticipated trajectory of the brand.


Strategic Foresight to Push Internal Thinking

Working closely with a highly active client team, we built a vision for the future by implementing a diverse range of foresight tools. We provoked creative thinking about emerging trends and how they might impact the healthcare landscape. Our approaches blended design fiction for pure provocation, back-casting to shed light on implementation opportunities and challenges, and development of “North Stars” to bring trends to life.

Co-creating and Implications to Expand Strategic Options

Internal perspectives were augmented with external views through a co-creative Advisory Board with thought leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs pressure tested emerging assumptions. Some insights were surprising as many leading care providers were optimistic of the future and bullish on meeting patient needs by leveraging technology to provide care in novel and impactful ways. Stakeholders identified partnership opportunities that had been overlooked, energizing the internal team.

Tactical Planning for Impact

After securing the first boost to budget in almost a decade, the biggest challenge our client faced was prioritizing the ambitious array of ideas and identifying how best to achieve impact. Coactuate supported the client with qualitative and quantitative research, scenario planning, and design thinking ideation to size, prioritize, and refine tangible actions with the greatest potential to shift the market and transform patient outcomes.

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Reset Thinking

Re-calibrated strategy and perspectives on competitive market, leading to working partnerships with new stakeholders from across the healthcare ecosystem.

Investment in Growth

Leadership investment in brand, first increased budget in 5 years, driven by new understanding of growth potential.

Transition to Innovation Mindset

Overcame internal team and organizational barriers to grow investment, supporting strategy and budget allocation towards new pilot programs.

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